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We have a lot of people we really love on this site, and I'd like to make a place to come for support. Have you ever been to a church that has a prayer request in their program? I just thought it would be nice to have a similar thing here. I know we're all thinking of MyOpinion's niece, and Layla's sister who is having her babies, and of course we all want to keep Tiffsadork and t0xxic and their babies in our thoughts. Is there anyone you'd like us to send good thoughts or prayers to?

Thoughts and Prayers Needed

Posted By TNgirl on Dec 3, 2007 at 8:44AM

I know that with the holidays just around the corner this is a very hectic time but if you can please keep my mom's sister and her family in your prayers. My uncle passed away early this morning, he was diagnosed with lung cancer about a year and a half ago and in the last few months his health deteriorated quickly. The week of Thanksgiving he was admitted to the hospital with breathing complications because the tumor was pressing on his right lung, they didn't want to remove the tumor because they thought that it would spread so they intended to try to move it around. During this process they discovered that the cancer had spread to both lungs and that he had completely lost the use of his right lung. He ended up spending Thanksgiving in the hospital but was able to return home on the 23rd but all weekend he had trouble catching his breath. My aunt took him back to the hospital on the 25th and they basically told her to call in the family because he would be gone within 24 hours. My mom and grandparents took off right away to get up to see him and when they got there he seemed a lot better but this past weekend he took a turn for the worse. He went to sleep last night and never woke up this morning. My aunt and her family are having a really hard time coping with his illness and his passing, and good thoughts and prayers that you can send their way would be greatly appreciated. :pray:

Update on TNgirl's Uncle

Posted By TNgirl on Jul 31, 2007 at 9:56AM

As most of you know my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer a little over a year ago; he has had a really hard time the past couple of weeks and most days hasn't even been able to get out of bed. Yesterday he was scheduled to go in for a chemo treatment but he was in really bad shape and couldn't get up off the couch for the pain. My aunt ended up calling to let the doctor know that he wouldn't be in and was told that he had to be brought in regardless even if they had to bring him in via ambulance. The doctor told her that they only way that the pain would lessen is for him to continue the chemo treatments; my aunt ended up getting him to the hospital for chemo and was able to talk to one of the nurses about his condition. The nurse told her that the cancer had spread rapidly and was getting worse and that his only chance of survival is for the chemo to really get to work. She also stated that that cancer had started out as spots in his lungs but has now turned into one large mass and that the doctors were afraid his lungs might collapse. Needless to say after my uncle heard all of this it really hit him that he might not have much longer. When my mom spoke with my aunt this morning she said that Jay cried most of the night and told her that he was too afraid to go to sleep because he might not wake back up. I just wanted to give a little update on his condition since I hadn't posted about him in a while; please continue to pray for him as he continues this battle.

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Please Pray for my cousin Jackie

Posted By Jessica Brunson on Jul 19, 2007 at 2:22PM

My cousin went to the hospital for a routine physical for her entrance to college. The doctors found that one side was really muscular and the doctor ran some tests...they just diagnosed her with a wandering spleen. Now she needs a surgery that could cost her life. I am very scared right now. This is extremely rare and has had only in the lower 100 cases diagnosed. I really need good thoughts and prayers. Please help me ladies and pray for my cousin...she really needs this right now.

Update on Baby Kaleb

Posted By t0xxic on Jul 5, 2007 at 10:45AM

I thought Id pass this along for any one who is curious and hasnt been able to keep track on Kaleb

This is copied from her Myspace blog
Thursday, July 05, 2007


God has answered one of my prayers!!

First off... KALEB IS COMING HOME!!!!! We are so excited! We have been told that he will probably come home sometime next week. So me and my best friend have been CLEANING CLEANING CLEANING my apartment. I don't want any germs to be anywhere in my house and considering that it has barely been lived in in the last 2 months, it needed cleaning. We also had to make room for medical equipment that is coming home with him. I am so excited to have him coming home. The next great thing is that they are taking him off Phenobarbital. YAY! I am glad that I mentioned something and kind of put my foot down on that one. The Neuorologist agreed with us and said that it def. prohibits brain activity drastically which means that it basically shuts it down so much that the brain can not even do its healing. So this is also GRAET NEWS.

I hope that everyone had a great 4th! Remember to thank those who have given you your freedom and most importantly thank God for this great nation.

I am praying that everything stays on track for Kaleb going home. I am SOO EXCITED! I know it is going to be completely different than before, but I think being home will help his recovery. Home is the place he LOVES most. Thank you God for answering our prayers. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for this day. There are still mountians he will have to climb. He will still be iin and out of Doctors Offices and the hospital, but this is still a HUGE step forward.

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Here is the link

This is great news yall please continue to pray for this little baby its been almost 2 months now. This poor angel needs his healing. And he will be ok.

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Baby Kalebs Petition

Posted By t0xxic on Jun 20, 2007 at 1:44PM

This is a copy of the bulletin sent by Kaleb support myspace page:


There will be a direct link on the page later today.

PLEASE FORWARD THIS LINK TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE! Upon signing this petition, the website will ask you for a donations- THIS DONATION DOES NOT GO TOWARD THE FAMILY. If you choose to donate to the website, those funds go toward the expenses of ipetitions website. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DONATE TO IPETITIONS WEBSITE IN ORDER TO SIGN- JUST ADD YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Help Kaleb Page

National Prayer Vigil for Kaleb

Posted By t0xxic on Jun 14, 2007 at 12:18PM

National Prayer Vigil is tonight (June 14th) from 8-9pm!
PLEASE help us show the Schwade family our support through prayer during this time. Please know that you can organize something as simple as inviting your neighbors over to your backyard with lawn chairs or it can be as big as inviting your whole town to your local church. Please feel free to make flyers to invite as many people as possible.


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Baby Kaleb

Posted By LaylaCams on Jun 7, 2007 at 3:36PM

Watch this please...


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Prayers for my uncle

Posted By TNgirl on Jun 6, 2007 at 9:21AM

I know that I have already posted a blog about my uncle but I just received a call from my mom that he found 5 more lumps in his neck this morning. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would continue to pray for him. When I spoke with my mom last night she had told me that he was having a very rough time right now with the treatments and has become very weak and has a constant cough. My aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary is just a little over a month away and they have a trip planned to Vegas because they now that he might not be around much longer but he broke down crying to her yesterday that he has a feeling that he won't make it until then.

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Please keep on prayin

Posted By atoxicsparkle on May 20, 2007 at 7:57PM

I know I already asked for prayers, but we are needing even more. Baby Reid was born today, 2 months early, and as of right now he has a 50/50 chance. He is hooked up to a bunch of machines and I don't know all of what's going on, but I know it's not good :(

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Prayers for an expecting mother...

Posted By atoxicsparkle on May 15, 2007 at 7:23PM

Hey ya'll, I was hoping you could throw out some good thoughts and prayers for my BF's mother. She is pregnant, and has been having some difficulties and was put on bed rest. But now she is having bad contractions and is still two months from her due date. She is in the hospital and things are going better, but the past few days have been very scary and we just pray that baby Reid stays put until he's healthy enough to come join the world. Thanks.

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